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Teacher Dashboard

Overview of Teacher Dashboard

Teacher Dashboard Overviewwritten and video instructions

Link to Teacher Dashboard - Make a bookmark in your browser to make it easy to access.

Important notes:
  • Use Google Chrome
  • Important for teachers AND students - do NOT move, rename, or delete Teacher Dashboard folders.

Using the Drop folder to see student work

Students - How to create a new document, rename it, and move it into the class Drop folder.
      written and video instructions

Teachers - Go to Teacher Dashboard, click on a class...and voila!

Using a shared class folder with students

  1. Create a class folder or use one you already have.
  2. Share the folder with the class email address(es) in Teacher Dashboard.
  3. Instruct students to add the shared class folder to their Drive.

Other resources

Teacher Dashboard class email addresses - video instructions
These instructions show how to find class email addresses in Teacher Dashboard and how to make a new Google contact for each class.

Move from Word to MyDrive - infographic

Upload a Word doc to MyDrive - written instructions

Remove old Teacher Dashboard folders - video instructions
These instructions show how to remove old Teacher Dashboard folders from MyDrive. These instructions apply to both teachers and students.

Use Smart Copy - written instructions
These instructions show how to use the smart copy feature in Teacher Dashboard to create or copy a Google Doc and send it out to each student. This is the same as copying a worksheet and handing each student a copy.

Here's a playlist of the Teacher Dashboard videos that are linked above.