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How do I use the AV Box in my classroom

posted Jul 31, 2012, 7:07 AM by Patrick Green   [ updated Aug 2, 2012, 11:58 PM ]
To control the projectorDO NOT USE YOUR REMOTE CONTROL, you should use the control box (pictured below). 

  • Both the control panel and room speakers require power… Turn on 2 power switches at the outlet.  To save energy you may turn these off at the end of the day.
  • The laptop/computer should be plugged into PC-2.  A visualizer may also be connected to PC-1.  Any video/dvd player is connected to C-video.
  • NOTE: The laptop's audio is connected using a mini-jack to mini jack cable and plugged just next to the PC-2 input.
  • Press the Power On button to turn on the Projector
  • Press the PC-2 button to project your Computer.  OR.. Press the PC-1 button to project your Visualizer (if any).
  • Control your speaker volume using the vol-up and vol-down buttons on the control panel and/or the volume controls on your computer.
  • Use PIC BLANK & UNBLANK to instantly mute and un-mute the video & audio of the projector.
  • There is a Mic-input which allows you to plug-in a handheld microphone, but this is not that useful.  We are not providing any microphones.

If you would like to use an iPod with your room's sound system, and not have to switch on the AV box (and projector):

You may plug it into the Microphone input.  Be sure to Turn the volume knob all the waydown (counter-clockwise) before attempting this.
Note:  Both Box and Speaker Power must be switched-on at the outlet, for this to work.